Always respectful of the community, we plan, develop, and deliver quality services. United, we strive for a strong, healthy Mikisew Cree First Nation, preserving our rights, language culture and traditions.



The Mikisew Cree First Nation value our traditional way of life, which is founded on the principles of: maintaining Balance; Respect for all things; Humility; and Honour in how we conduct ourselves.


We want and are willing to participate in today’s modern economy; however, we will only work with those who respect our traditional way of life and are willing to learn about, respect and support our inherent Treaty and Aboriginal rights.



The GIR will be guided at all times by a core set of values based on the principles of:

1.) Balancing our Traditional Way of Life with Economic Opportunity.

2.) The preservation of our Treaty and Aboriginal Rights.

3.) Respect for all things.

4.) Humility.

5.) Honour and integrity in our business affairs.